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     Clean war?  

The US-strategy indicates mass murder  

subscription:  news of 03 March 2003





The US-government wants to force Saddam Hussein to drop out within the first hours of his offensive.

Therefore 10 times more bombs than in Gulf war 1990/91 are due to be thrown on Iraq. 

We know from historical experience that a dictator can only be forced if he still has a way out left.

If the „politic of intimidation“ should fail like in 1990/91 Hussein will only let one force him by leaving a way out to him


Above all the US-government wants to bomb the military and political headquarters of Saddam Hussein, air defence-systems, community centers as well as biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Thousands of people will die in these targets, but probably the dictator would not be caught this way.

If the US-government knew, where
biological and chemical weapons of mass destrucion are being kept, they should inform the UN-inspectors about these places. This would ensure an environmentally compatible disarmament.

On the other hand if the US-government would bomb biological and chemical weapons, the effect could come close to the direct use of such weapons.


The US-government wants to avoid civilian victims and damages to the infrastructure.

Who is being recruited in a dictatorship is not considered to be a „hero“, but must be protected like a civilian as long as not killing anybody.


The Iraq-war would offend against the International law:



Because the USA cannot refer to self-defence.



Because the USA is not entitled to take the law into its own hands and since solely the UN can resolve a military action.



Since the mass murder of soldiers, who’s right of self-determination had been taken dictatorial would be against the Convention of Geneva.




The US-government at least has the duty to spare the human lives that are rooted in dictatorship, 

as they name every point of attack to the Iraqi regime and the people in time

... so that an evacuation would be possible.

And the devastuation would „only“ restrict to military facilities and government institutions.

That would already be horrific,   to real avoid such a scenario, too.

Sven Möller


In Gulf-war 1990/91 we were shown pictures of military targets precisely struck by bombs, but in fact 365,000 Iraqi’s were killed.

secretary sabrina n.